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Welcome Umpires

  • How do I register as an Umpire this season?
    Setting up your profile (if you already have a profile, proceed to below) Visit ONDECK (either through your phone app or internet browser) Select your appropriate umpire level for the upcoming season as your Primary Role: New: Level 1.1 Umpire 2nd year: Level 1.2 Umpire 3rd year: Level 2.1 Umpire 4th year: Level 2.2 Umpire 5th year: Level 2.3 Umpire Level 3 Umpire OR Already have a profile: If you already have a profile, update your primary profile with your umpire role... this will ensure you have the correct access to the materials you need to complete your training! To Do This: click on your name in the top right corner click "my account", click "update my profile" scroll down and select your umpire role for this upcoming season Click save.
  • How do I select / confirm what training I need
    Now that you have created or updated your profile, you are now ready to select your training requirements. 1. Click on your name in the top right corner 2. Select "My Account" 3. Select "Certifications" (left hand side of the screen) 4. The list of "available certification" is now available. Scroll down until you locate your course/certification requirements. 5. Click "enroll" 6. You are now ready to complete your training courses. When you have completed the course it will indicate "Completed". You have have to refresh to see it immediately.
  • How Do I Register for an inperson Camp / Super Camp?
    All registration is completed through On-Deck. Once you selected / updated your primary profile, camps are listed as one of your requirements with the "certifications" tab. Scroll down until you see "In person" camps, and click "view events". Find the camp you wish to attend and click register.
  • I am 12 Years old (or younger)... Why Can't I register? What is error "ineligible to complete form"
    Baseball Ontario does not have any age restrictions however, there is a known error in the system that we are working with the developer to resolve. For the short term: please enter the umpire’s proper month and day of birth, Select 1924 as the birth year (which is the last year in the drop-down list). That will allow their profile to be created. We will send an email to the address associated with the account when the capability to enter the correct birth year is enabled. Thanks for your patience as we transition to our new systems.
  • I did last year's modules why do I have to certify this year if I didn’t umpire last year?
    Umpires are required to certify annually in order to umpire with their local association.
  • Umpire Numbers / Umpire Cards? Certification of Completion and Approved Umpire List
    Baseball Ontario is no longer providing umpire cards and card numbers. You will no longer need to provide this to your Local Association. There will be a certificate that you will download from On-Deck... this will be made available towards the end of the clinic season. We will be sending out a communication through On-Deck when the certification download is ready. Certified Umpires: Just like in the past we will publish a list of certified umpires The list is available now on our website, and will be updated regularly at
  • What level should I be registering for this year?
    This is addressed in question 1 in this section.
  • What if my local doesn’t host a camp or I can’t attend my local camp date?
    Certification across Ontario is equivalent and will satisfy the requirements needed to complete the in-person session of the Umpire training. You can take any umpire camp that Baseball Ontario offers that best works for you.
  • What Do I Need To Bring To My In-Person Umpire Camp/Super Camp
    For your umpire Camp / Super Camp please bring the following items: Hat Umpire Mask Indicator Baseball Glove Indoor Shoes Water Smartphone and or tablet if available (this is not mandatory)
  • I Completed the Safe Sport Module Through CAC previously - Do I need to do it again?
    Safe Sport Module through the CAC is required only once. That said, it is an annual requirement to confirm your completion. If you have completed this course through your locker, simply click on the "safe sport module through CAC" link in your certification tab (On-Deck) and provide your NCCP number.
  • How do I switch my Level 1/Level 2 Camp or my Level 3 Super Camp?
    If you need to switch your camp, this is a 2 step process (regardless of your umpire level). Step 1 - Register for your new camp, the same way you registered for the one you can't make.... this is done through On-Deck. Step 2: Removal of Existing Clinic - We at Baseball Ontario have to do this step for you. Please email with your first and last name as well as email address on your OnDeck Profile with the clinic you wish to be removed from. When you have been removed, you will be notified via email.
  • Can’t attend level 3 super camp?
    Please email with status as to why you are not able to attend a camp or are looking for exemption. Request will be reviewed by the Umpires Committee.
  • Can't find a local camp?
    Umpire camps are being posted daily. Please check back often for you local camp to be listed. Additionally, you may wish to reach out to your local to ensure they have applied to host a camp.
  • I can’t access the modules through OnDeck
    Please make sure your profile is up to date with a primary role. To do this, please go to your account, chose “update my profile”, and choose a primary role from the list provided. Under Certification make sure that you have clicked enroll in the umpire level assigned to your primary role..
  • Can’t log in to OnDeck with Credentials below (Gives previous log in details)?
    Baseball Ontario is now Using OnDeck and a username and password are required to gain access. This would be something you would need to create and not something that was provided to you in previous years (example: Cortex/LMS). Please visit question 1 in the FAQ section.
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